about us

The first step is to travel

After many years of experience in various different flavours of the traveling business, with my professional qualifications and
excellent language skills in 2011 I founded the agency SOFIA TRAVEL.
My passion for travel and adventure allows me to create tailor-made itineraries for those who love to meet
unusual places and cultures which I can organize and offer to my customers.

With special care I am developing my travels, be it from the technical aspect - with the selection of appropriate services as well as seen from the cultural aspect
when selecting the special higlights of the chosen program with much love for the detail.

The name SOFIA TRAVEL is formed from the initials of the names of my family:
SO - to Sophie - my daughter
FI - for FILOMENA - myself
A - for ALEX - my husband and partner

Why to choose SOFIA TRAVEL for organizing and booking your holiday?
Professionality, competence, customer oriented service and cordiality - these characteristics are applying to our attitude to fullfill our daily business.

Sofia Travel also offers a wide selection of destinations, from the traditional to the trendy one and unusual and personalized programs.
Sofia Travel is prepared for single trips as well as group tours, studytours, is developing special events and incentive travels as well as
tailor-made programs for travel agents, schools, cultural and religious associations and many others ...

Contact me and I will organize your holiday best!