Dreams Come True 2015


Brazil + Argentina 10 days/ 9 nights


This tour can start on any date of 2015 except holidays and congresses and booked for 2 pax or more


Rio de Janeiro (3n) + Foz do Iguacu (3n) + Buenos Aires (4n)




Rio de Janeiro – its green hills, blue sky, rocky mountains, beautiful bays, islands, beautiful beaches. The second most populous city in Brazil and one of the most beautiful city in the world. Hotels located on most famous black-and-white tiled promenade of Copacabana, Leblon, Ipanema. The dreams come true in this city!

Foz do Iguacu - The Iguacu Falls receive their name from the Caigangues Indian word meaning 'great waters'. The falls are formed by the Iguacu River and consist of 275 separate falls; they are surrounded by the virgin jungle of Iguacu National Park which is home to about 2000 species of flora and 400 bird species (including parrots and toucans). The highest fall, the 'Garganta do Diabo' (Devil's Throat) reaches 70m (230ft), which is one and a half times the height of the Niagara Falls.

Buenos Aires – this stunning city is the capital and largest city in Argentina. It is a top tourist destination, known for its European-style architecture and rich cultural life, with the highest concentration of theatres in the world. There hovers the spirit of Louis VIII, Louis X. Here bohemian society spent time, such eminent men as Carlos Gardel, Federico García Lorca, Albert Einstein, Vaslav Nijinsky and many others.


Day 1 Rio de Janeiro


Arrival day in Rio de Janeiro! A driver will be waiting for you at the international airport of Galeao in Rio de Janeiro, with a welcome board signed with the logo of Ada Tours and your family name. Then they will transfer you to your hotel. (Guide not included)

If you arrive before dark, it will be possible see Rio de Janeiro’s green hills, blue sky, rocky mountains, palm trees on both side of beautiful bays. By day or night you can walk at famous black-and-white tiled promenade of Copacabana, Leblon, Ipanema.

Maybe you will want to see and feel the lush life of the city during the night, or if you want to be alone with yourself, then, there is always a corner somewhere in between the palm trees, sand and ocean waves.



Optional Factory of Gems H. Stern!


One of the world's oldest factories processing precious and semiprecious stones. Here you can see the work of skilled goldsmiths and make a bargain!


Day 2 Rio de Janeiro


After breakfast, our guide will take you to red beach (Praia Vermelha) from where we take a cable car up to the Urca mountain. From here an amazing view on Rio opens up before us. We take yet another cable car up the Pao de Acucar Mountain (Sugarloaf). From here we have a wonderful view of the city nestling between the mountains and the sea, and the sight of the sunny Copacabana beach is magical. After riding down the cable car, we will discover the historical part of Rio. At the end of the tour your guide will accompany you to the hotel.



Excursions with additional charge:

Rio by night Show


Starting with the pick up at the hotel, you will go to enjoy a fantastic brazilian show with dancers and musicians their typical coustumes and happy music. It will make you will want to come back and experience Carnival as well! At the end, you will be gtaken back to your hotel. Dinner not included.


Guanabara Boat Trip


The Guanabara Bay is the largest bay in the world. When a Portuguese squad commanded by Andre Gonçalves discovered it on January 1, 1502, it was said to be the mouth of a big river beginnig at this point. As it was January, it was called Rio de Janeiro (river of January).

The bay contains several islands, such as Governor's Island, Fundão and Snakes Island.
Your guide picks you up at your hotel and brings you to the port, where the ship is awaiting you. Now your amazing tour in the Guanabara Bay will begin.

On our tour we will have a beautiful view to the nicest places of Rio de Janeiro such as the Sugar Loaf, Botafogo, Flamengo and the bridge between Rio and Niterói. 

After having arrived back at the port you will be driven back to your hotel.


Helicopter flight


You will enjoy spectacular views when you get in the helicopter at Sugarloaf. During the flight, you will discover magnificent sights below you, Praia Vermelha, Sugar Loaf, Copacabana, Ipanema & Leblon beaches, the huge statue of Christ and “Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas”.


Day 3 Rio de Janeiro


Breakfast at the hotel.

Our guide picks you up at your hotel in the morning and takes you to the bottom of the Corcovado Mountain. Here you board the little train that takes you through tropical rainforest, passing tropical trees and exotic fruits. A short walk from the final station you find yourself at the foot of impressive Christ the Redeemer (Cristo Redentor). Enjoy the spectacular views over Rio de Janeiro where you can see the Maracana Stadium, the sambodrome where the carnival takes place, city center with all the historical buildings and a lot more. At the end of the tour your guide will accompany you to the hotel.


Excursions with additional charge:

Royal Petropolis


Petropolis - is a city located in the mountains 60 km from Rio de Janeiro. King Pedro II bought land here in 1830 and built a summer palace here to bring a sick daughter, especially for the hot weather. European founders of the city built a lot of buildings, which were of German architecture. At the Royal Palace many of antique furniture is preserved and household items of the royal family, which are now exhibited in the museum. It also stores jewelry, for example a gold crown with diamonds and pearls. Together with our guide you will visit the Gothic Cathedral, the burial of Princess Isabel, King Pedro II and his wife, and then go to the Royal Museum.


Botanical Garden


Recommended is a trip to the Botanical Gardens. Within the Botanical Garden more than 7,000 species of plants are growing, including Imperial and surprisingly high palm trees and the most exotic and strange inhabitants of the Amazon Valley live there: The most famous plant is Victoria Regia, the giant water lily, with its huge floating leaves which bear the weight of up to five years old children.




Favela Tour - Rocinha


A Favela tour is an experience if you look for an insider point of view of Brazil. The tour introduces you to another Rio, within Rio city: the favela. There are close to 750 favelas in Rio. Mostly placed on former public areas on the hillsides, they are now home to 20% of Rio's population, however they remain a mystery for most people who don't live there. The tour is not only to explain about favelas, but to give you a whole new understanding about different aspects of Brazilian society.

You will go to the favelas of Vila Canoas and Rocinha, the largest one in the country. Picturesque from a distance, once closer they reveal their complex architecture, developing commerce and friendly people. Most Samba Schools participating in the Carnival parade come from favelas. The tour changes their reputation of areas related only to violence and poverty. Don't be shy, you are welcome there, and local people support your visit. If you really want to understand Brazil, don't leave Rio without having done the Favela tour.


Hang gliding


Have you always dreamed of flying free as a bird? Now your dream can become reality!!!! See the marvellous city from the sky in a unique adventure. From your hotel you are driven up to Pedra Bonita (beautiful rock) in the Tijuca Forest. From Pedra Bonita you have a full overview over Rio from the jumping platform. The professional English speaking guide will give you all the safety instructions and explain all the necessary techniques for your jump. Then you do a safety training and when you are ready you and your instructor run over the ramp and jump into the air, in a wonderful flight over the beautiful city and beaches. After a flight over the sea you land on Pepino beach and can order a DVD of your flight to always re-live the adventure.


Lapa – Rio night show


Come and discover crazy Lapa, which is an upcoming neighborhood in the heart of Rio de Janeiro. This crowded place is full with options of clubs and bars of various musical genres. National music of Brazil is infinitely varied - from African, black slaves brought here, to bossa nova, created in the middle of the last century by white composers. Against the background of the cobbled streets, ancient monasteries and old viaduct Arcos de Lapa, here reigns a free form of social environment. If you want a fun night and an adventure – this is the place to be!


Day 4 Rio de Janeiro – Foz do Iguacu


Breakfast at the hotel.

Transfer to the airport without a guide (only the driver). Flight to Foz do Iguacu. Arrival in Foz do Iguacu airport. Meeting at the airport with only a driver.


Today you will visit the Brazilian site of the magnificent Iguaçu Falls following the walkways which border the canyon of the Iguassu River. It is possible to observe hundreds of small waterfalls until ending up in front of the magnificent Devils Throat, the strongest and mightiest of all falls. The splashes coming from the falling water make you FEEL the falls grandeur and cover the sky with thousands of rainbows.


At the end of the tour your guide will accompany you to the hotel.


Excursions with additional charge:

Rafain Show


In the Brazilian side of the falls you will find the fantastic Rafain Grill Place. It is an excellent opportunity to try local dishes and the famous regional meat, served at the wished cooking style, plus a varied buffet of deserts and ice creams. During dinner a Latinamerican show with international artists takes place. It has 1200 places, air conditioning, and exclusive parking lot. Daily excursion from 7:50 pm. Time Schedule depends on the hotel location.




Day 5 Foz do Iguacu


Breakfast at hotel.

Your Guide picks you up at the hotel for a full day adventure in Foz do Iguacu. The Argentinean side is different from the Brazilian; you will walk on paths through the falls which give you the opportunity to have a look under the falls. You feel the strength of the falling water from up close and enjoy the 55.500 hectares natural park surrounding this spectacular beauty! Within the park, take the train to the marvelous devils throat the strongest of all the waterfalls. Stand directly above the falling water and admire the strength of this natural phenomenon.

At the end of the tour your guide will accompany you to the hotel.


Excursions with additional charge:

Great Adventure Boat Trip


The Great Adventure takes you to meet the Iguazu Falls from a new point of view, but no less entrancing.

It all starts with a wonderful track by the Iguazú National Park. A walk six miles through the fully motorized Yacaratiá Sendero, which will take you from a subtropical vegetation, where flora and fauna coexist in harmony. Multilingual guides pass information about the curiosities of the jungle.

At the end of this wonderful journey you find Puerto Macuco. It's a ride in a special and very safe boat, passing true the island Isla Martín. The boat then on a superspeed takes you directly into the falls! Sparks of water and the adrenalin felt cannot be described in words and has to be felt! And yet you have the privilege of passing very close to the famous Garganta del Diablo.


Helicopter flight over the Waterfalls


The tour takes you for flying over the words’ widest falls!

The picture is stunning, and the tourist will get the best photographs of this nature show. The flyby allows the visitor to have a sense of the scale of the landscape, making the most different emotions arise.


Day 6 Foz do Iguacu – Buenos Aires


Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer out to airport IGR in Puerto Iguazu, with driver only, for your flight to Buenos Aires (Aeroparque Domestic Airport). A driver will be waiting for you to drive you to your hotel.


Buenos Aires most colourful attraction is definitely the neighborhood of La Boca. Also worth a visit is the oldest building in Buenos Aires - City Hall Cabildo, where now it is a Museum, Presidential Palace, better known as the "Pink House", and, of course, Catholic churches.

The most famous avenue “Ninth of July, you will find the world's largest shopping district.


Day 7 Buenos Aires




After breakfast, our guide will pick you up at your hotel for a half day city tour in Buenos Aires.

This panoramic tour will take you through the highlights of South America's most European and cosmopolitan city. We'll drive along 9 de Julio Avenue where the renowned Colón Theater and the Obelisk, symbols of our city, are located. We'll visit Plaza de Mayo, surrounded by important historic buildings like the Casa Rosada, the Cathedral and the City Hall. We'll also visit Plaza San Martin, Alvear and Plaza del Congreso. The tour will drive us along the old fashion Avenida de Mayo and the dynamic Avenida Corrientes. Explore neighborhoods filled with colors and history, like La Boca and San Telmo, and the sumptuous neighborhoods of Palermo, Recoleta and the modern Puerto Madero, a busy gastronomic and entertainment area. Return to hotel and overnight.


Day 8 Buenos Aires


Breakfast at the hotel. A guide and a driver will be waiting for you at the lobby of the hotel to take you for Tigre Tour, where includes a SIB boat tour.

Leaving the city by the North Coastline Avenue, we will watch the outstanding view of one of the widest rivers on the world, Rio de la Plata . Being outside the city, we will go along Del Libertador Avenue, edged with ancient trees, place of beautiful houses where the aristocratic families used to live during the summer. Reaching to San Isidro neighborhood, the fruit trees located at the sidewalks show evidence to us that hundred of farmers founded this area 300 years ago. Free time stop to visit the main Square (Plaza Mitre), San Isidro Cathedral and the handicraft market. Once more we will get in the bus to go to Tigre neighborhood, our last destination. Tigre is a Natural Paradise with rivers, river branches and islands, which is impossible to be reach by car. That is why we will take one of the typical trip boats for an hour journey along the main rivers and also along their narrow branches which are the most interesting places to visit there. A natural area chosen as a touristic destination by the aristocratic families in the past it is at present the perfect place for all the social classes. Once the trip by boat is over, we take the bus to go back to Buenos Aires City. Return to hotel and overnight.


Excursion with additional charge

Tango Show & Dinner


Tango is still very much alive. A good way of feeling its spirit is visiting one of the restaurants that offers tango shows of an excellent level, to enjoy tango´s sensual magnetism taken to the stage by some of the best dancers, singers and musicians in Buenos Aires!

After a delicious dinner, you will follow a spectacular presentation of acclaimed popular and sensuous Tango, performed by the world's best. It is the music of Buenos Aires par excellence.

Tango is felt in the air of the city, the city breathes Tango!!


Day 9 Buenos Aires


Free day at your leisure.


Excursion with additional charge

Full day tour in Montevideo from Buenos Aires


A driver will take you to the port of Buenos Aires, where you will pick up a ferry boat to Montevideo city by Colonia del Sacramento.

Upon arrival at Montevideo, a guide will be waiting for you for a panoramic city tour.

This walk covers the most important points of the city's Old Town and new residential neighborhoods. Inside the old city is visited: Independence Square, where the old Citadel Gate (Montevideo was a fortified city), then comes Matrix Square where the Montevideo Cathedral, The Cabildo, Plaza Zabala and Teatro Solis, all these pieces of history of the city. Then its the Palacio Salvo, first high-rise building in the city, Plaza de El Entrevero, continuing to the Legislative Palace where the Uruguayan Parliament meets.
The tour continues visiting the following suburbs: The Prado, with its ancient history which houses the Government House, the Parque Batlle, which runs the Estadio Centenario, La Carreta Monument and the residential neighborhoods of Carrasco and Pocitos. The return is by the coast to the center of Montevideo.

At the end of the tour, you will get back to port to take a ferry boat back to Buenos Aires. Upon arrival, only a driver will take you to your hotel.


Fiesta Gaucha Santa Susana

 Estancia Santa Susana is located in Los Cardales, 80 kms North of Buenos Aires. Upon arrival you will be received with a glass of Argentine wine and will be invited to taste "empanadas", typical small cakes with various options like meat, cheese & ham, chicken or vegetables. Whilst you enjoy horseback riding or just a relaxing stroll in the countryside and after visiting the ‘gaucho’ museum, a superb BBQ of premium beef will be prepared for lunchtime. After lunch an impressive folkloric dance and cowboys show will be presented before returning to Buenos Aires.

This is full day tour runs from Tuesdays to Sundays.

Day 10 Buenos Aires


After breakfast at the hotel, you will be transferred to the international hotel of Ezeiza of Argentina for your connecting flight home.


The times for optional excursions will be adjusted to your wishes with best tour guides available for the day!


Prices include:


  • Accommodation to suggested hotels on program or similar;
  • Excursions described on program in private basis or regular services with an English speaking guide;
  • All transfers airports/ hotels/ airports with Driver only.


Prices don’t include:


  • Optional excursions;
  • Meals & beverages not mentioned;
  • International flight;
  • Domest flights Rio de Janeiro – Foz do Iguacu – Buenos Aires at U$ 950 NET per person.




Mulatas Only Show 3 hours private guide chosen language

HD Niteroi 3 hours private Guide chosen language

HD Guanabara 4 hours private guide chosen language

HD Botanical Garden 4 hours private guide chosen language (Mondays Closed)

Helicopter Flight 3N : Praia Vermelha-Sugar Loaf-Copacabana Beach-Ipanema Beach-Jardim de Alah-Lagoa-Corcovado-Leblon Beach-Favelas Doir irmão & Rocinha- 15/16 minutes (min 3 pax-does not include transfer or guide)


Bird Park private guide chosen language

RAFAIN Dinner & Show private guide chosen language

Helicopter Flight 10 min min 3 pax -Flight 2 over Cataratas + National Park (Extension Brazilian Falls)


Tango Show & Dinner private guide chosen language

FD Fiesta Gaucha private guide chosen language

FD Montevideo (w/ Colonia) private guide chosen language